EPIPHANY  (“manifestation”)

With light – candle, dawn, crowns and growing productive vines,
the artist speaks
of the effect of the appearance of God’s Son on the earth.

Sanctuary Windows of Our Church

Produced by the Rodier Company of New York City, the sanctuary windows are constructed of laminated glass in mosaic design to produce the symbols of Christian faith.  

As the Medieval Gothic cathedral windows sought to instruct the faithful in gospel by portraying scriptural teachings, these windows use a wealth of color and symbols to remind us of the doctrines of the Christian faith and their relationship to our life.

Certain themes are apparent in the individual windows, but no single windows is devoted exclusively to a single theme.  We ought not to try to firmly summarize the message of our windows, but let them speak for themselves to our changing moods and needs as we worship.

(“One Anointed to Save”)

The figure of a man, 
surrounded by monograms and symbols of the fulfillment of the scriptural promises of a Savior forhumanity,
identifies Jesus as the 
“Hope of all the Earth”. 

(“place of birth”) 

Focusing on a child, 
in the familiar creche, encircled by the traditional flowers and tree of Christmas
in our culture, this window speaks of the Incarnation of God.

(“festival of new harvests”)

Focused in flames, but including the symbols of Baptism, Divine blessings,
of growth and fruits, the artist indicates the source
and varied manifestation
of the new life which the 
Holy Spirit brought to the 
Christian church.


Cast in the color of growth and life in
nature, this window puts growing wheat stalks around Dove, flower and trumpet.  It seems to say that all of life is a continual call to come forth and
experience God’s provident grace.

(“to bring together”)

The artist places a man in a sea which flows between the opened scriptures
and a church steeple, verarched by alpha and omega. The awesome fact of God’s calling the church into life through Christ, the living Word, dominates man’s involvement in this

(“a solemn binding agreement”)

The artist uses a star, a lamb, and an orb with cross to remind us of the fulfilling of the Old Covenant by the New Covenant, 
of the faithfulness of God in providing a plan of atonement for human sin.

(“come unto me”)

This window uses a garden scene to place a man and children in posture which makes us think of “Let the Children come to me.”

It emphasizes the centrality of humility and trust in the character of those who would come to Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

(“to bring into harmony”)

We see a combination of Cross, coins, and crown of thorns; fiery chariot, bursting pomegranate, 
butterfly and lilies.  

Thus the rich moods of the passion of Jesus and the Resurrection of Easter
are pulled together in reminder that the Christian’s hope of harmony between our life and our Lord is through the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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